Monday, December 29, 2008

A new year coming

Well.. yet again I am guilty of not posting updates.. I am so bad about this, and I am soo sorry that I am. But life just takes over.. although honestly.. there is not much of anything new going on.. the kids are growing and well going on about daily life.. Scott is working like normal.. I am growing outward like a normal pregnant person.. and the baby seems to be doing just fine. Nothing has changed really... so that is why I have a tough time posting updates.. it doesn't feel like anything is changing.. well ok.. so I will be I guess a year older tomorrow.. but that is life.. we all grow older and that is part of life. My kids however will be getting older soon if you can call it that.. they will at least be able to say they are 6 and 3... lol I will see how the party planning goes though.
The kids had a good Christmas they got some cool stuff from their aunts and grandma and grandpa. Their favorite of them all was the treasure chests my mom made them. She decorated the outside with stuff they like.. Tyrell got superheros.. Alexz got princesses, and Damien got dinosaurs and trucks.. odd combination yes, but that is my they have to wait for them to be sealed.. which hopefully will happen today.. then they get to put their Christmas toys inside them... which, of course, they totally scored on too..
But that is again life... like I said.. nothing really new here.
Hope to hear from some of you.. and hopefully I will update you again before the baby is born.
The Scott and Jennifer Clan!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today... is a present.

Well.. not much of anything new is going on.. but I know I will get bugged if I don't post every once in a Scott is still working away.. I am still doing my thing.. daycare... and taking care of my kiddos.. Scott and I are volunteering in Tyrell's class weekly.. it is nice to be able to be in the classroom again.. especially with my little one. I enjoy watching him interact... although I don't always get to see him.. but that is part of volunteering. Tyrell is doing well in school. They have parent teacher conferences this week.. so he has most of it off from school. So that will be a bit of a vacation for him and us.(not having to get up as early and drive him to school) Alexz is learning her ABC's well! She can almost say them all in order.. and is continueing to learn to write them and loving it. Damien is growing like a weed.. he thinks he has to be a big boy like his brother and sister. It is darling.
They went trick or treating on Friday.. we first went to Tyrell's school then went to mom's ward building for their trunk or treat. the kids did ok.. not a ton.. which is a plus.. but they were cute.. I will find my cord and post a picture of them in their costumes. Tyrell was Spiderman, Alexz was a Fairy Princess, and Damien was a Monkey.
The baby is growing well. I went for the ultrasound last week and all is well with the baby.. growing just fine.. kicking and hitting me like crazy.. not much else to report!
Hope you all have a great Fall!!!
The Svedin's

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time keeps on flying

Well I am back yet again.. to update on our slow moving we are still here.. Scott is still plugging along at work.. I am still plugging along in life... Tyrell keeps on growing and learning and it is awesome.. he is loving school! Alexz is growing like a weed too.. She has taken to wearing panties.. which is awesome.. she is doing great.. which is also awesome! I am glad.. because honestly.. I was sick on diaper and pullups.. but then again.. who isn't?? lol Damien is growing too.. learning quickly and trying to be big like his big brother and sister. Alexz claims him as her baby and sure does try to take care of him. Life is moving along here and that is basically about it.. nothing new around here!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Sorry!!!

Time just flies when things are happening.. and honestly.. I actually forgot what e-mail account I put the blog under.. but now I know.. and can keep this updated! Finally!!! I know some are saying that!
Anyway.. things are going around here.. Tyrell started school this year and loves it! I can't say that I do... but it is a part of life.. and I gotta get used to it. Alexz is just flying in her learning she is starting.. without any guidance I might add.. to write her letters and tell me what they are. Damien is just growing.. what else?? lol He is walking like crazy and loving being able to go where the big kids go. He eats basically what the other kids eat.. except for bread.. I can't get him to eat bread for anything!
Scott is doing well as well.. working along.. doing his thing.. oh yeah.. and he helps with my day care kids when I have to run errands in the mornings.
I am doing ok.. could be doing better.. but oh well that is life.. Don't know who all reads this.. but if you don't already know.. we are expecting number 4 in March, so I am also growing quickly! Things are just plugging along here. Hope to hear some comments from some of you!
Jennifer and family

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life keeps going...

Well I got chastised because I started this thing and haven't posted on it again.. so here I am.. I guess I will try for weekly updates.. not that there is much to say. Scott is still working doing the same thing travel. I am still doing daycare.. although I did take on another 2 girls.. but the hours compliment the other hours.. meaning I am still Also with summer I am losing one kid.. and two of the other kids their mom had her baby so I don't have them for a while.. and I might possibly be losing a couple other kids because of a move.. so I might have to take on another kid or two to keep my income. It has been nice being able to save money and buy some much needed things. We did buy a new bed.. which has me in more pain than my waterbed.. and colder.. Caylee keeps telling me that it will get better.. so I hope so and soon. The kids and I have been sick we are doing better.. but slowly getting there. Tyrell and Alexz are growing like weeds.. Damien has lost weight because of being sick.. he is still clingy and not feeling great.. but hopefully soon will get back to normal.. although I have enjoyed him being more cuddly. We are still here and still plugging along. Not much else to post.. oh yeah.. Damien now has 3 teeth, his two bottom ones and one of his top... and the other top one is just about in. He is also standing up by himself and walking along furniture.. which I am loving! I just wish he would walk by himself now!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I guess it is time....

I guess it is time for me to do something like this seeing as I don't get a lot of contact with a lot of people.. so here it goes...
Scott is just working away.. he has went from 5 days a week to 4 10 hour days..which is supposed to be making us more money.. because of shift differential.. other than that he is just being daddy and trying to get the house fixed up.
Me.. well I am doing daycare now.. bringing in a nice chunk of change.. but losing my mind all the I have.. on my busy days.. 6 other kids (which is the most you can have without being licensed) but on average I have 3-4 extra plus my 3.. so that puts me at 6-7 kids everyday basically. I am still doing my Mary Kay, just not as actively. I do sell it at a 20% discount though. lol
Tyrell is doing great in speech.. his therapist says he is coming right along.. and he is better and easier to understand all the time. He starts Kindergarten in the fall. He is excited.. I am sad.. and not ready for him to start!
Alexzandriea is doing great.. growing like a weed. We can see more and more of her personality every day. She a mini mommy, she loves to follow me around and be the mommy too. She loves taking care of Damien with me and loves to help boss the other kids around! lol
Damien is growing like a weed as well. He has ezcema and it is bad enough that he had a regime to follow everyday.. and steriod creams.. and special shampoos .. ugh.. anyway.. hopefully it will get better here very soon!

Anyway.. we are all doing well... surviving.. and enjoying life! We are looking forward to the family reunion we have coming up in June.. Tyrell wants to go camping right now. I think it is cute!
Hugs and love,
Scott, Jennifer, Tyrell, Alexzandriea, and Damien