Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I guess it is time....

I guess it is time for me to do something like this seeing as I don't get a lot of contact with a lot of people.. so here it goes...
Scott is just working away.. he has went from 5 days a week to 4 10 hour days..which is supposed to be making us more money.. because of shift differential.. other than that he is just being daddy and trying to get the house fixed up.
Me.. well I am doing daycare now.. bringing in a nice chunk of change.. but losing my mind all the I have.. on my busy days.. 6 other kids (which is the most you can have without being licensed) but on average I have 3-4 extra plus my 3.. so that puts me at 6-7 kids everyday basically. I am still doing my Mary Kay, just not as actively. I do sell it at a 20% discount though. lol
Tyrell is doing great in speech.. his therapist says he is coming right along.. and he is better and easier to understand all the time. He starts Kindergarten in the fall. He is excited.. I am sad.. and not ready for him to start!
Alexzandriea is doing great.. growing like a weed. We can see more and more of her personality every day. She a mini mommy, she loves to follow me around and be the mommy too. She loves taking care of Damien with me and loves to help boss the other kids around! lol
Damien is growing like a weed as well. He has ezcema and it is bad enough that he had a regime to follow everyday.. and steriod creams.. and special shampoos .. ugh.. anyway.. hopefully it will get better here very soon!

Anyway.. we are all doing well... surviving.. and enjoying life! We are looking forward to the family reunion we have coming up in June.. Tyrell wants to go camping right now. I think it is cute!
Hugs and love,
Scott, Jennifer, Tyrell, Alexzandriea, and Damien