Monday, November 3, 2008

Today... is a present.

Well.. not much of anything new is going on.. but I know I will get bugged if I don't post every once in a Scott is still working away.. I am still doing my thing.. daycare... and taking care of my kiddos.. Scott and I are volunteering in Tyrell's class weekly.. it is nice to be able to be in the classroom again.. especially with my little one. I enjoy watching him interact... although I don't always get to see him.. but that is part of volunteering. Tyrell is doing well in school. They have parent teacher conferences this week.. so he has most of it off from school. So that will be a bit of a vacation for him and us.(not having to get up as early and drive him to school) Alexz is learning her ABC's well! She can almost say them all in order.. and is continueing to learn to write them and loving it. Damien is growing like a weed.. he thinks he has to be a big boy like his brother and sister. It is darling.
They went trick or treating on Friday.. we first went to Tyrell's school then went to mom's ward building for their trunk or treat. the kids did ok.. not a ton.. which is a plus.. but they were cute.. I will find my cord and post a picture of them in their costumes. Tyrell was Spiderman, Alexz was a Fairy Princess, and Damien was a Monkey.
The baby is growing well. I went for the ultrasound last week and all is well with the baby.. growing just fine.. kicking and hitting me like crazy.. not much else to report!
Hope you all have a great Fall!!!
The Svedin's