Monday, December 29, 2008

A new year coming

Well.. yet again I am guilty of not posting updates.. I am so bad about this, and I am soo sorry that I am. But life just takes over.. although honestly.. there is not much of anything new going on.. the kids are growing and well going on about daily life.. Scott is working like normal.. I am growing outward like a normal pregnant person.. and the baby seems to be doing just fine. Nothing has changed really... so that is why I have a tough time posting updates.. it doesn't feel like anything is changing.. well ok.. so I will be I guess a year older tomorrow.. but that is life.. we all grow older and that is part of life. My kids however will be getting older soon if you can call it that.. they will at least be able to say they are 6 and 3... lol I will see how the party planning goes though.
The kids had a good Christmas they got some cool stuff from their aunts and grandma and grandpa. Their favorite of them all was the treasure chests my mom made them. She decorated the outside with stuff they like.. Tyrell got superheros.. Alexz got princesses, and Damien got dinosaurs and trucks.. odd combination yes, but that is my they have to wait for them to be sealed.. which hopefully will happen today.. then they get to put their Christmas toys inside them... which, of course, they totally scored on too..
But that is again life... like I said.. nothing really new here.
Hope to hear from some of you.. and hopefully I will update you again before the baby is born.
The Scott and Jennifer Clan!