Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Sorry!!!

Time just flies when things are happening.. and honestly.. I actually forgot what e-mail account I put the blog under.. but now I know.. and can keep this updated! Finally!!! I know some are saying that!
Anyway.. things are going around here.. Tyrell started school this year and loves it! I can't say that I do... but it is a part of life.. and I gotta get used to it. Alexz is just flying in her learning she is starting.. without any guidance I might add.. to write her letters and tell me what they are. Damien is just growing.. what else?? lol He is walking like crazy and loving being able to go where the big kids go. He eats basically what the other kids eat.. except for bread.. I can't get him to eat bread for anything!
Scott is doing well as well.. working along.. doing his thing.. oh yeah.. and he helps with my day care kids when I have to run errands in the mornings.
I am doing ok.. could be doing better.. but oh well that is life.. Don't know who all reads this.. but if you don't already know.. we are expecting number 4 in March, so I am also growing quickly! Things are just plugging along here. Hope to hear some comments from some of you!
Jennifer and family

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Chellayne said...

It's good to see your blog updated!
We too are February. It's a GIRL!