Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tyrell Birthday!

I know.. a shocker... I am posting again. Crazy!!!
Tyrell had his birthday today!! He is now 6 years old! crazy how times flies!! He had a friends party today and they had a blast! They enjoyed playing the games and eating the cupcakes and ice cream and doing the pinata! They enjoyed the candy most of all!!!... of
I will upload pics when I can get them to the computer! but right now.. I need to rest! Hugs to you all... and if any of you read this Tyrell and Alexzandriea are having their family birthday party tomorrow (Sunday, January 11, 2009) at 6 pm if you are interested in coming..

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OUR FAMILY said...

It is good to hear from ya Jen
Happy B-day to Tyrell & Alexandria